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Happy New Year!

2011 is nearly here!
Wishing you a very Happy New Year
Valentine’s Day
Australia Day
Friendship Day
Mother’s Day
Father’s Day
Happy Birthday
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Musically Yours

James Scanlon

Sennheiser Iphone headphones

My old headphones were literally doing my head in; 1) the
last ‘temporary’ set were so shit everytime I moved my head they
crackled 2) if too much bass was playing the headphones would
distort and muffle the sound like my head was squashed between a
fat lady’s thighs 3) if i played the music too loud the headphones
would distort like rubbing my ears against a cheese grater. Enter
the sennheiser MM70i
These headphones were £70. But god are they sexy. Full volume on
iPhone, no worries, no distortion and crystal clear sound! Inline
stop/play buttons and volume control and a frequency response of
20hz up To 22000Khz. If u need a new set of headphones – these
rock! Musically yours James


floating softly above white clouds
memories fading but still familiar somehow
don’t want the gifts that life now has given
just want it all to go away now

the pain it comes and is here to stay
no roller coaster rides no rushing waves
but 1000 knives stabbing me all over
neck, toes, arms, hands and shoulders

to make the choice on my own
without any hope left, I am all alone
need your help to say goodbye
wipe those tears from your beautiful red eyes

dont be sorry, dont be sad
ive made the decision now, be glad
although i need your help you see
ill never forget our love, you and me

Its not murder when its given consent
ill sign the papers, now you do the rest
dont be scared, forget legalities
bring on my final, pain free fatality

a brief exchange between you and I
a wink, a nod, a final look into my lost eyes
the goodbye kiss like a final raindrop on my forehead
good to focus on that for my last moment

and as my eyelids weaken and fade
i feel the pain slowly float away
just like before above the clouds
but forever now, thank you, you’ve done me proud

More Time (Lyrics)

Scorch the sun from the sky
blank the stars at night
feel the world stop spinning
nothing left for to fight
oxygen fading like the eyes in your head
temperature rising before we are dead

give me more time
give me more time (give me more time)
give me more time 175
give me more time

here we are now at the end of all things
life as we know it and all that it brings
nothing left to do but stop fighting and see
time standing still for you and for me

give me more time
give me more time (give me more time)
give me more time 175
give me more time

Perfect Stranger (Lyrics)

walking down the street today and i spy you
and im totally certain that you feel it too
oh god help me it must be the time of day
when all the women come out and theyre on display

your my perfect stranger
so your my perfect stranger
your my perfect stranger
your my perfect stranger

so now you know baby im singing this for you
i see you looking, see you walking seeing all of you
oh pretty lady come on and over give me a kiss
so sexy lady come on i promise not to miss

shes still my perfect stranger
wo oh
shes still my perfect stranger
oh god it hurts now my perfect stranger
shes still my perfect stranger

so in my stupid arrogance shes turning away
RAOOAROW – read the signs wrong saw the language but cant hide my shame
now im hurting baby, i just dont know what to do
my life has been so sweet simply just because of you

shes was my perfect stranger
she was my perfect stranger
now i cant chase her i dont even know her name
she was my perfect stranger

The Grand Design (lyrics)

stuck and confined
nothing but time and thoughts for company
find the elementary beginning of life and time
where are we from why are we here?
lives ignite and flicker like the sun
and fade like the night
as we are searching for the grand design
searching for the grand design
searching for the grand design
searching for the grand design