Sennheiser Iphone headphones

My old headphones were literally doing my head in; 1) the
last ‘temporary’ set were so shit everytime I moved my head they
crackled 2) if too much bass was playing the headphones would
distort and muffle the sound like my head was squashed between a
fat lady’s thighs 3) if i played the music too loud the headphones
would distort like rubbing my ears against a cheese grater. Enter
the sennheiser MM70i
These headphones were £70. But god are they sexy. Full volume on
iPhone, no worries, no distortion and crystal clear sound! Inline
stop/play buttons and volume control and a frequency response of
20hz up To 22000Khz. If u need a new set of headphones – these
rock! Musically yours James

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