Month: January 2011

The best drugs are musical

According To the below article the best drugs are the ones I internally create myself by giving myself an EARgasm πŸ™‚ As i have said Before and I’ll say it again Music really is the drug inside us ARTICLE When we are moved by music our brains behave as if reacting to tasty food, psychoactive…

Let Go

this is the first song i have written for the new year, 2011. Woot! Its about love, change, acceptance, denial and loss (in some ways about me being a control freak… πŸ™‚ Its also the first song I have sung since laryngitis so the voice is a lil shakey.. πŸ™‚ Love always and musically yours…

Funniest Music Quotes of 2010

Hey Guys, check out NME.COM (link below)Β  for some of the funniest (or most stupid) quotes this year from musicians, artists or people famous for being famous. Keep Rockin on Musically Yours James. LINK HERE: