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Dedicated to Christchurch, NZ

The earth quakes
The ground shakes
A reminder that all is not

Buildings crumble
Towers tumble
And a little girls crying in the street alone.

The dust settles slow
The suns rays glow
Alarms ringing in your mind.

The love of the world
Feel the power unfold
For all of you at this time.

Love to you christchurch and all affected by the earth quake.
Love James

Live Performance – March 6th

My first performance for 2011!

When: Sunday March 6th @ 6PM
Where:Downstairs @ The Hope and Anchor, 207 Upper Street, Islington, N1 1RL.
Cost(to the venue): £5 or £4.50 if you take this flyer HERE
Closest Tube: Highbury & Islington/Angel.
Busses: 4/19/30/43
Other: Strongbow £2 pint, Becks and Bud £2 per bottle.

Songs Include:
Guitar – Sun
Guitar – Always
Piano – Let go
Electric Piano – Special Cover Song – JK
Piano – New Horizons
Ukulele – Zero Ground

Valentines day

I didnt believe in love
Had grown to be rather jaded
Not because i wanted too
but the world just somehow seemed faded

Then one day life took a spin
Got sick and needed to change
All previous ghosts whisked out the door
Off to travel for a life rearrange

Buzzing around, growing and learning
waiting, hoping, but still not really searching
expectations high and left unfulfilled
but thank god it was worth the wait

I remember wanting to talk to you
from the moment you walked through the door
tried my hardest to sit next to you
and stop my eyes wandering to you for more.

Your personality gently simmering
beneath your regal look
wave crashing, smouldering personality
to keep me totally hooked

Your kiss like effervescent lemonade
sweet and goes straight to my head
Your curvaceous silhouette
burned into my brain with permanent tread

Your intelligence oh so alluring
behind those universal orb eyes
the jazzy rhythms of your dance
sends the crazy in me to the skies

I desperately want to protect you
from the evils of the world
I want to hold and caress you
when into a ball you’ve curled

I want our blankets to be a coccoon
against the cold snap of night
to surround us with warm electricities
and save you from any dream frights

i want to sing with you, hold and hug you
dance with you and see the world
want to rest my head gently with yours
forever to be my girl

I only want the best for you
promise to always be mine
hope you enjoyed this poem gorgeous girl,
happy valentines