Monthly Archives: March 2011

We Get It Already

your life just a farce
the outer facade
flashy and dancey
and spinning around

one massive compensation
cant even blend in at the station
calm the hell down and
be happy with now

no one needs to see your armour
sure it dazzles, sure it sparkles
but its impenetrable to the thunder
of life, of love of the real world

the damage is great
the damage is real
but mostly to those for which you do feel
and want to get close, but never will
im glad i dont have to swallow your bitter life pill.

one day you will realise
that your fine as you are
lets hope you havent travelled
your lonely road too far…

New Video!

From my live performance – 06/03/2011 – New Horizons live
looks like the camera was blowing in the wind,,, hehe
Love and enjoy
Musically Yours