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This site is dedicated to the creative musings of James Scanlon.

Music, Poetry, Blogs, Musical Collaborations, Pictures and Videos.

Born in Brisbane, Australia, but now living in London, United Kingdom, James has been writing music since 2006.

He is proficient on Piano / Keys and Vocals, though he played percussion for 5 years, Trombone for 3 years and from time to time attempts to play chords on the guitar andĀ ukulele.

Music is the language, love is the message.

Influences: (non exhaustive)

Jamiroquai, Shapeshifter Live, Prince, MJ, Concord Dawn, Florence and the Machine, The Beatles, Led Zepplin, Vampire Weekend, Stevie Vann Lange, Alice in Chains, Type o Negative, Bjork, Cat Stevens, Cold Play, Collective Soul, Daft Punk, David Grey, David Guetta, Edwarde Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes, Elgar, Faith no More, Fat Freddys Drop, Frou Frou, Hybrid, London Electricity, mumford and sons, oasis, Pat Metheny, Keiko Matsui, Pearl Jam, Pendulum, Plump DJ’s, RHCP. Seal, Snow Patrol, Sound Garden, The Cat Empire, The Presets, The Doors, Hysterix, VAST, Van Morrison

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