Cancer Sucks

Welcome to the more serious part of my website.

If you have enjoyed my music or you have heard me around London busking it out with the ukulele or on the keyboard at open mic night - please give generously to Cancer Research UK


My Story:

In November 2008 I was diagnosed with the early stages of Bowel Cancer. It was caught very early and I had an operation in Brisbane, Australia to have half my large bowel removed. I (obviously) survived.

I can still live a relatively ordinary life though I am forever reminded of how LUCKY I am and need continuous tests and probing to ensure that it hasn’t come back.

My Journey was so very easy compared to some, others require chemo or radiation or simply do not make it….

I am doing this for them.

You can also support by simply texting JSCS52 (then your amount) to 70070 (with or without the pound symbol)

A not so serious and still alive photo playing the ukulele in Switzerland, August, 2010.

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