This page is purely about the music. The tracks, the links, the sounds. Music is the language of us all.

Happy Piano Day 2015!

29th March 2015 – The celebratory holiday just for the Piano!


Another instrumental track, this time a little more liquidy electronic breakbeat. Enjoy!

James’s Movie Theme

I’ve been enjoying writing instrumental tracks recently as its easier to just focus on the music rather than lyrics, meaning, telling a story etc. Hope you enjoy this orchestral / Instrumental track.

Funky Music

The latest track – So funky your ears will bleed FUNK

Cover of Happy – Pharrell Williams

I absolutely love Pharrell’s song, Happy, from ‘Despicable me 2′. Here is my cover / version of it, different in some parts , similar in others.. :)

You can find a link to Pharrell’s original version of ‘Happy’ on spotify HERE

Echoes of Time (Original Drum n Bass)

This is my drum n bass original of ‘Echoes of Time’ written well back in early 2011 – then remixed by music mixmaster legend Hysterix (aka Alaska) here