This page is all about the movie pictures. The clips, the links, Hoorah for youtube!

Help me Hugh Jackman!

I had the flat to myself all weekend, and thought it would be great to write Hugh Jackman a song!

Obama Works It!

Two door cinema club and Obama rocking it out napoleon dynamite style…

This video rocks!





Open Mic Night – Hypochondriac – LIve

Open mic night @ Camden head pub, Camden, 15th July 2012, Full Live recording of Hypochondriac. Doing this in support of raising money for Cancer Research UK…

Cancer Sucks – Ukulele

In November 2008 I was diagnosed with the early stages of Bowel Cancer. It was caught very early and I had an operation to have half my large bowel removed. My Journey was so very easy compared to some, others require chemo or radiation or simply do not make it.