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Echoes of Time (Original Drum n Bass)

This is my drum n bass original of ‘Echoes of Time’ written well back in early 2011 – then remixed by music mixmaster legend Hysterix (aka Alaska) here

Out of Egypt

Dark Drum n Bass track with an egyptian feel. One of the first tracks i wrote on my new music system back in australia in 2006.

More Time

This song was written after coming face to face with my own mortality, something that wakes you up from the routine slumber and makes you old beyond your years…

It was written with image of ‘what happens when the world stops spinning, and when the oxygen fades and we cant breathe anymore’ then what the fuck are we supposed to do?

Whilst the topic may seem morbid, the idea of having or wanting more time is the general theme… we always end up wanting more…

Lyrics: http://www.jamesscanlonmusic.com/2010/12/26/more-time-lyrics/