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Always be with you

This song I composed after arriving to the UK in 2009. Thoughts of home and friends.


Emotions fill up and over flow
Finding me from Long ago
People and friends and times that were
Happiness found in historical years

Old school books long forgotten
Old sport lessons skipped often
Get through the next class to talk to
the fit girls at lunch
Together, we were a happy bunch

Learn’ed, I thought, until I saw the world
So much more to find and unfold
The wonder of new things not yet seen
Of grown up things and inbetweens

But in reflection now I look back and wonder
Why all the rush, why the thunder
To grow up so fast and miss it all
To look back and think “what the hell”?

To go back and try it all Again
Doesn’t mean I’d be a better friend
Doesn’t mean I’d work any harder
Id still miss you all so time to look further

So with fond memories
And a head full of noise
It’s to you my friends that I save this noise
And think of all those ‘olden’ days
And one day return with wiser eyes

For My Friends