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Help me Hugh Jackman!

I had the flat to myself all weekend, and thought it would be great to write Hugh Jackman a song!


Velvet roads and white innocence
Of life forever after, ever more

Universal forevers
Mortal promises
Entered so willingly
Desperately searching your heart

White as snow
Red as cherry
Floats to me across the breeze
Butterflies as the thunder storms
Blood as thick as honey
And cascading tears to blind the sun

Entwined now honestly
witnessing windows in pairs of 70
Time forever flowing, stood still but all too short

Be mine
Forever mine
Never to part again
Im yours
Forever yours
Only until eternity.

Adoration so eternal
Love so grateful
A yearning never sated or fulfilled
This is the day you and I
become one.

Echoes of Time (Original Drum n Bass)

This is my drum n bass original of ‘Echoes of Time’ written well back in early 2011 – then remixed by music mixmaster legend Hysterix (aka Alaska) here

You Are My Sunshine (James’s Jazzy Remix)

The original song which is now declared a state song of Louisiana (wikipedia) is copyrighted by Jimmie Davis but possibly originally written by Oliver Hood… eitherway its a choon that the grandparents & parents sang to get me to shut up (relatively successfully) for the night :) Hope in the brief 2m 41s I manage to do this song the musical justice it deserves… enjoy – Love james