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Open Mic Night – Hypochondriac – LIve

Open mic night @ Camden head pub, Camden, 15th July 2012, Full Live recording of Hypochondriac. Doing this in support of raising money for Cancer Research UK… www.justgiving.com

Cancer Sucks – Ukulele

In November 2008 I was diagnosed with the early stages of Bowel Cancer. It was caught very early and I had an operation to have half my large bowel removed. My Journey was so very easy compared to some, others require chemo or radiation or simply do not make it.

Zero Ground – LIVE [James Scanlon Official]

When i had it, I didnt want it When i didnt have it, i wanted it (5 years on) Life is odd sometimes…. but if there is one thing I have learned its that I am fickle as a pickle

New Video!

From my live performance – 06/03/2011 – New Horizons live
looks like the camera was blowing in the wind,,, hehe
Love and enjoy
Musically Yours


i am but a thought
the stars inside me make up the world
perceive it just as it is
remove all preconceptions
i am the star of a larger mass
perceived perhaps just like that
remove the initial prefabrications
and you get a billion stars inside my head
you are a star in my world
we are the stars of a greater reason
together we form and create the seasons
the ebb and flow of time like a river
washes over us until death does deliver