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Poem – Gaza

I don’t think I can sit on the fence today
though it seems the safest place to stay
I’ve tried the left side and the right
But only have I found dismay

Built up strangling years of history
Buzzing like angry bees in soda cans
Its rare to find other than misery
As far as the strip expands

So the past has paved the future
Like a blood red brick road to hell
Of which there is no escape now
For all within who dwell

Inside the borders of agony
Muffled screams of children torn limb from limb
No escaping their grizzly destiny
Paying for last decades sins

My darling daughter stares blankly up into the sky
Pretty little pale blue eyes
Rest her head gently now on the grey brown grass
Kissing her forehead as I ignore the crimson mess

And so the world looks on through its very square eyes
Shocked and surprised (again) at the news
Waiting for someone else’s country
To do something that they refuse

And off to the U.N they go
With their crisp white letters of change
Talks to once more “make a difference”
But ultimately things remain the same

1030 civilian lives
Snuffed out like the dousing of the flame
If only that was enough for both sides
To stop the futile games

Humanity macerated to the lowest
Paint us all with the same brush
No redemption for just the holy
Not while the world bleeds its love

Yet what is to be the solution
When the end seems so far away
What is to come of their futures
In the gunfire smog new day

I don’t have a solution I’m so sorry
I don’t even own a gun
I’ll just pickup the rockets and brave the tunnels
Time for my turn in the greying sun.


The clouds part
The sun cries down on me brightly
Drum and bass in my ears like a beating panicked heart


The cool breeze I my hair like ghostly fingers through my soul…
This experience, the now, the existing right this second makes future woes and memories fade as sand through my fingers..  then a traffic horn defibrillates me.. and on with life we go…