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Velvet roads and white innocence
Of life forever after, ever more

Universal forevers
Mortal promises
Entered so willingly
Desperately searching your heart

White as snow
Red as cherry
Floats to me across the breeze
Butterflies as the thunder storms
Blood as thick as honey
And cascading tears to blind the sun

Entwined now honestly
witnessing windows in pairs of 70
Time forever flowing, stood still but all too short

Be mine
Forever mine
Never to part again
Im yours
Forever yours
Only until eternity.

Adoration so eternal
Love so grateful
A yearning never sated or fulfilled
This is the day you and I
become one.


The clouds part
The sun cries down on me brightly
Drum and bass in my ears like a beating panicked heart


The cool breeze I my hair like ghostly fingers through my soul…
This experience, the now, the existing right this second makes future woes and memories fade as sand through my fingers..  then a traffic horn defibrillates me.. and on with life we go…

See You Again

torn between two worlds
had to travel to find my love
realised too late what id left behind and all id given up
distant seas, kissing vacant shores
your face amongst the crowds
all the things that do separate us
and all time that is now lost

We Get It Already

your life just a farce
the outer facade
flashy and dancey
and spinning around

one massive compensation
cant even blend in at the station
calm the hell down and
be happy with now

no one needs to see your armour
sure it dazzles, sure it sparkles
but its impenetrable to the thunder
of life, of love of the real world

the damage is great
the damage is real
but mostly to those for which you do feel
and want to get close, but never will
im glad i dont have to swallow your bitter life pill.

one day you will realise
that your fine as you are
lets hope you havent travelled
your lonely road too far…

Valentines day

I didnt believe in love
Had grown to be rather jaded
Not because i wanted too
but the world just somehow seemed faded

Then one day life took a spin
Got sick and needed to change
All previous ghosts whisked out the door
Off to travel for a life rearrange

Buzzing around, growing and learning
waiting, hoping, but still not really searching
expectations high and left unfulfilled
but thank god it was worth the wait

I remember wanting to talk to you
from the moment you walked through the door
tried my hardest to sit next to you
and stop my eyes wandering to you for more.

Your personality gently simmering
beneath your regal look
wave crashing, smouldering personality
to keep me totally hooked

Your kiss like effervescent lemonade
sweet and goes straight to my head
Your curvaceous silhouette
burned into my brain with permanent tread

Your intelligence oh so alluring
behind those universal orb eyes
the jazzy rhythms of your dance
sends the crazy in me to the skies

I desperately want to protect you
from the evils of the world
I want to hold and caress you
when into a ball you’ve curled

I want our blankets to be a coccoon
against the cold snap of night
to surround us with warm electricities
and save you from any dream frights

i want to sing with you, hold and hug you
dance with you and see the world
want to rest my head gently with yours
forever to be my girl

I only want the best for you
promise to always be mine
hope you enjoyed this poem gorgeous girl,
happy valentines


a memory of that which i’ve seen before
came haunting from deep back to the shallow fore
and twisted its memories around on me
to see a future of which I do presently see

to project upon my eyelids so
gentle memories like shattered woes
though this time with greater confidence
to align the tracks, to pull me in

and so here i sit with memories and dreams merged
fading sounds from the traffic heard
to align my path with history
pointing to my future of which i presently see


Let Go (Lyrics)

sit down and sit back
wait for time to pass you by
take over the feelings that i see behind your eyes
there is nothing i can do
as your lying there, crying on my bed
all i want to do is hold you
until all those sad thoughts are dead

sometimes in life you just gotta let everything go
sometimes in life you just gotta let everything go
somethings in life just can not be explained
in the blink of an eye so much can change
we’ll find the answers, you and me
together well conquer eternity
but for now in your sea of tears let everything go

this is my prayer for you
that you hear it
that you can finally be free
from the empty bedrooms
and yellow tinged memories
tiny violin adagios
behind old family videos
like the ones we’ve all seen and heard before

sometimes in life you just gotta let everything go
sometimes in life you just gotta let everything go
somethings in life just cant be explained
with the blink of your eye see how you’ve changed
there’s still no answers but you will see
life flashing by so quickly
the surest and best answers truly lie
here between you and I

this is my prayer for you
that you can let it go
like the sun bursting through the clouds
open your heart like a rose in the spring
feel the new life come flooding in
dry your eyes cry no more,
they’ve spilled from the bed to the wooden floor
finally now i get to hold you
and pushed those sad thoughts out the door

sometimes in life you just gotta let everything go
sometimes in life you just gotta let everything go
somethings in life just cant be explained
in the blink of an eye so much can change
we’ve found the answers you and I
letting go of all thats been denied
Finally now we look to the future
sometimes in life you just have to let everything go
sometimes in life you just have to let everything go


floating softly above white clouds
memories fading but still familiar somehow
don’t want the gifts that life now has given
just want it all to go away now

the pain it comes and is here to stay
no roller coaster rides no rushing waves
but 1000 knives stabbing me all over
neck, toes, arms, hands and shoulders

to make the choice on my own
without any hope left, I am all alone
need your help to say goodbye
wipe those tears from your beautiful red eyes

dont be sorry, dont be sad
ive made the decision now, be glad
although i need your help you see
ill never forget our love, you and me

Its not murder when its given consent
ill sign the papers, now you do the rest
dont be scared, forget legalities
bring on my final, pain free fatality

a brief exchange between you and I
a wink, a nod, a final look into my lost eyes
the goodbye kiss like a final raindrop on my forehead
good to focus on that for my last moment

and as my eyelids weaken and fade
i feel the pain slowly float away
just like before above the clouds
but forever now, thank you, you’ve done me proud

More Time (Lyrics)

Scorch the sun from the sky
blank the stars at night
feel the world stop spinning
nothing left for to fight
oxygen fading like the eyes in your head
temperature rising before we are dead

give me more time
give me more time (give me more time)
give me more time 175
give me more time

here we are now at the end of all things
life as we know it and all that it brings
nothing left to do but stop fighting and see
time standing still for you and for me

give me more time
give me more time (give me more time)
give me more time 175
give me more time

Perfect Stranger (Lyrics)

walking down the street today and i spy you
and im totally certain that you feel it too
oh god help me it must be the time of day
when all the women come out and theyre on display

your my perfect stranger
so your my perfect stranger
your my perfect stranger
your my perfect stranger

so now you know baby im singing this for you
i see you looking, see you walking seeing all of you
oh pretty lady come on and over give me a kiss
so sexy lady come on i promise not to miss

shes still my perfect stranger
wo oh
shes still my perfect stranger
oh god it hurts now my perfect stranger
shes still my perfect stranger

so in my stupid arrogance shes turning away
RAOOAROW – read the signs wrong saw the language but cant hide my shame
now im hurting baby, i just dont know what to do
my life has been so sweet simply just because of you

shes was my perfect stranger
she was my perfect stranger
now i cant chase her i dont even know her name
she was my perfect stranger