Chillax Baby (Lyrics)

woo yeah
blood pressure high
the brains sky flying away today
oh its all exactly the same
yeah yeah yeah

coffee ring stains on office desks
feel the beating in my chest
its palpitations again

caffeine induced comas of lust and pain
to turn the day around
its all
cookin my brain

so i say to you

chillax baby
relax baby
its time to unwind
life should be VRRREASY
take it easy
not trying to be sleazy
but thats the way it all rhymes

so sitting in my office cubical
watching the day outside
a tear wells in my eye
yeah yeah yeah

12 years of school, 3 more of uni
if only theyd shown me id only get a 9-5
unsettled and stressed
more meetings more unrest
more same ole same
best parts of me down the drain

here we go again


So day in and day out
not going sit and shout
just gonna sit back
and watch the world go by

watch the world go by


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