Drones/Worker Bees (Lyrics)

worker bee
worked bee
jammed in trains like sardines
deadened stares
like a morgue routine
im a worker bee

stop and breathe
quiet relief
panics taking a hold of me
running late for my date running late
running late

honeycomb traffic jams
caffeine nectar on demand
faster technology
havent slowed the pace

large flatscreen tv’s
no one cares if you have three
only notice its not theirs
who really fucking cares?

worker bee, worker bee
status anxiety
burstout coccoon
butterflies in the room of life
worker bee, worker bee
see the forest for the trees
longer days and shorter nights
work to live and live your life

non social bee, non social bee
soon to be deafened bee
white cabled umbilical cord
separate you from the hoarde
world of sound, world of sound
block out noise from those around
doesnt matter its too late
youll be deaf , youll be irate

pretty bee pretty bee
sitting there in front of me
train stop missed as i do perve
talk to her if i get up the nerve
she gets off
(at the stop that is)
wondering what did I just miss?
pretty bee pretty bee notice me pretty please


old lady bee old lady bee
struggling with her bags of three
stop to give a helping hand
only love should be givin on demand
smilling bee smikling bee
see the forest for the trees
longer days and shorter nights
but work to live and live your life

all in all the days go on
inboxes still full when we are gone
another job the great beyond
im still a worker bee
all thats left here and now
smile at me dont share the frowns
here together in all of this
make the best of this crazy gift

nothing else matters
but here and now
smile out loud when in the crouds
every road block who gives a fuck
smell the roses time to stop


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