New Found Appreciation (Lyrics)

My new found appreciation
For the air I breathe
For the smiles I see
For the life I used to lead
Don’t leave it to me
As I need that constant reminding
To be better, to be better, to be better than I am
So lucky now
That life’s still in my grasp
That the world hasn’t faded so fast
That I can see you all once more
With my new found appreciation x2
News was disappointing but glad there was a cause
Waiting so desperately in desolate hallways and long corridors
Could this be the last holiday that I get to adore?
Sitting there lonely, in pain on the cold vinyl hospital floors
I think of times gone by and
Of new generations
That shall see a world, that will know a world
That I shall never know
I look to the future
The past has flown by
There still so many things in this only life
That I have yet to try
I have looked fear in the face
And I have conquered the pain
I only hope that I can stay on track
And keep up the change
My new found appreciation x3
For the air I breathe
My new found appreciation
For the smiles I see
My new found appreciation

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