Zero Ground (Lyrics)

i was 22, and she was 18
i though she was hot, she thought i was a geek
i loved her face, she had a great ass
we hooked up on night, we had a blast
only until it came to the sex, she was so hot
that i got a lil scared
a bomb could go off, id not have heard a sound
over my beating chest, ringing all around

my soldier didnt quite, stand up to attention
years of practise, and he stuck his head back in
she was understanding, but the damage was done
i was crying to myself that she should be the one, she should be the one, she should be the one

so lady
ive returned to zero ground
driving me crazy
a new love for you ive found
so lady
a lots changed in years gone by
drivin me crazy
i wanna give it another try

so we caught up together, just the other day
didnt want to jump her in quite the same way
shes still so sexy, her ass cant be ignored
but our conversation, had me mentally hard
feelings of lust and desire to fade
replaced with something new that day
a longing for more, and to just be inside… (pause)
her mind of course, and make her MINE, make her mine, make her mine

i hope this song gets on the radio, cause i havent got the balls to tell her so
and should she hear it hope she isnt too sick
and is forgiving and wants to touch my ….
but i needed to have all these things unsaid, sung for her instead, sung for her instead, sung for her instead

So lady
i love you with with all my heart
your driving me crazy
i want to go back to the start
so lady
a lot has changed in these years ive found
driving me crazy
here i am again at zero ground
Zero Ground
Zero Ground

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