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Verse 1
I’m going on a journey , Gotta leave you behind
Doing this for my family, And for a better life
So I follow the train tracks, Im heading down for the coast
Safe havens and a new start, Is what Im looking for most
So I am going on a journey, Ill do it for us
Surrounded by your voice and memories of our little white house
I’ll chase down any truck, I’ll swim across any sea
Do anything, just to get you back in front of me
I am going on a journey, Going on a journey
Verse 2
So I give them my money, And they promise the world
Here I am with many strangers, Into the sunset we sail
And as night fast approaches and their cries get more loud
Its weird being cold and lonely, In such a feverish crowd
Verse 3
So I am tired and weary, And our numbers have dropped
As we land on greek beaches, To be something were not
Something catches my eye, left of where we land
Baby boy in red shirt, face down in the unforgiving sand.
So open your borders, Tear down your walls
For I am a wanderer, Stuck between heaven and hell
And I’ll push on forever, And forever and then
Whatever it takes my dear, To see you again


Copyright James Scanlon Music 2017

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